Hes Consultancy International and Trigital are collaborating in the Western European market, especially in the Healthcare market.


Innovate Healthcare Industry with Revolutionary 360⁰ Healthcare App

Bring healthcare services closer to patients by providing user-friendly & dynamic healthcare app


Multitude of Services under One Umbrella App

Through our cutting-edge technology & personalized approach, we create individual healthcare service apps or multiple services in one app to meet your business goals


- On-demand Pharmacy App                                                                On-demand Physiotherapist/ Nurses App 

- On-demand Laboratory App                                                               - Health Advice App

- Hospital Appointment Booking Management App                         - Health Aggregator App

- Additional Health-related Services (Yoga, Zumba, etc.) App        - On-demand Doctors App


Nipige empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to swiftly realize their digital product visions through no-code/low-code configuration, streamlining development and cutting time/costs by 90% for MVP launches. By eliminating the need for extensive coding expertise, Nipige allows entrepreneurs to focus on refining ideas and quickly bringing them to market, driving innovation and success in the digital realm. (website link)


NGB© transforms subscription economy management with tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes. It optimizes subscriber acquisition, retention, and lifetime value through efficient billing, pricing optimization, and seamless data integration. With NGB, businesses streamline operations, execute promotions seamlessly, and enhance customer retention strategies. (website link)