Founder Mike Hes:



A Pioneer in International Sales & Marketing


Mike Hes, the visionary founder of Hes Consultancy International, boasts an extensive and proven track record in international sales and marketing roles. Leveraging his robust network, Mike is dedicated to steering companies towards revenue growth. His approach, marked by modular steps, guides organizations systematically through processes, ensuring success in the Benelux & Dach region. But also has knowledge of the total European market, but most credits are being earned in the Benelux & Dach region.


Proficient in crafting and executing global sales, marketing, business development, and key account management strategies, Mike excels in recruiting top talent, providing team training, and deploying effective sales personnel. Throughout his career, he has consistently surpassed quotas, possessing in-depth knowledge of sales principles and practices. Ready to elevate sales organizations and scale revenue to new heights, Mike collaborates seamlessly with cross-functional teams, ensuring sustainable growth.


Mike's professional journey is enriched with comprehensive sales training, including the Meddic sales method, MEDDICC, SPIN selling, SPAR, DISC, SKEN method, and Solution selling. He excels in creating optimal TCO/ROI business cases for CFOs. His personal philosophy is rooted in a "flourishing way of doing business."

Acknowledging the evolution of the sales profession over the past three decades, Mike notes the shift from traditional door-to-door sales to contemporary methodologies. Cold calling, once commonplace, faces new challenges with changing rules and regulations. Mike emphasizes the importance of staying abreast of current sales and go-to-market strategies, a knowledge gap often observed in individuals who claim past sales experience.


While other organizations may offer similar services, Mike places paramount importance on trust and organizational fit. His firm belief is that collaboration should only occur when these critical elements are in place. Dismissing claims of universal expertise across all markets, Mike contends that true value lies in the unique experiences and networks individuals bring to the table.


In an industry marked by constant change, Mike has maintained a nuanced relationship with the Pharma, Life Science, and Healthcare sectors. Driven by personal experiences with his brother, who has Down Syndrome, Mike seeks to contribute meaningfully to the improvement of complex healthcare systems in Europe. He emphasizes that ICT should play a supportive role in healthcare, but unfortunately, it has often assumed a dominant position, leading to substantial spending on ICT solutions.


Anticipating the need for change, Mike acknowledges the immense challenges faced by the Healthcare, Pharma & Life science sectors and believes that, unlike industries experiencing rapid shifts, healthcare may not witness a Kodak, Nokia, or Airbnb effect. With a commitment to addressing these challenges, Mike is poised to lead the charge in transforming the Healthcare, Pharme & Life Science sectors. Mike also have experience with Fortune 500 companies true his career working in the ICT Sector.


Worked for companies like:

DXC Technologies, EPAM, Dedalus, Huawei, Citrix, Login Consultants part of Orange Business Services, Telindus part of Belgacom/Proximus.


Adept at developing and executing global sales, marketing, business development, and key account management strategies. Skilled at recruiting top talent, training teams, and deploying sales personnel. Demonstrated success exceeding quota throughout his career. Possess comprehensive knowledge of sales principles and practices. Ready to shape sales organization and scale revenue to next level. Able to engage with cross-functional teams to drive success and ensure ongoing growth. Capacity to promote and advocate organization’s total offerings while enabling clients to excel in dynamic markets.